Millennials Suck!

S3:E18.2 Anthony "Tank" Mansfield

December 05, 2022 J Lee Campbell, Dillon Foreman and Dylan Hall ft. Anthony "Tank" Mansfield Season 3 Episode 38
Millennials Suck!
S3:E18.2 Anthony "Tank" Mansfield
Show Notes

**The Millennials Suck! Podcast contains explicit content and dark themes. Listener discretion advised**

You know what we're into? We're into What Ya Into. And What Ya Into is into what you're into. And we're into that...
Pardon that stroke there...
This week, we sat down with local podcaster, collector and all around awesome guy, Anthony Mansfield, aka. Tank! Anthony is the host of the What Ya Into? podcast where he explores hobbies and collections with people who can shine a proper light on the things that fascinate them. We enjoyed a few beers and discussed our favorite performance venues, video games, the "art" of combat and more!

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