Millennials Suck!

S3:E17.1 Stereo Mammoth Halloween Special!

October 31, 2022 J Lee Campbell, Dillon Foreman and Dylan Hall ft. Stereo Mammoth Season 3 Episode 35
Millennials Suck!
S3:E17.1 Stereo Mammoth Halloween Special!
Show Notes

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**The Millennials Suck! Podcast contains explicit content and dark themes. Listener discretion advised**

HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY BABIES!! Now, kids... don't do drugs. And when you inevitably do it anyway, DO NOT do the things that Funkenstein has done with them! In celebration of spooky season and the release of their new album "EGO", we sat down with Eldon Funkenstein, guitarist and writing partner from Foreman's band, Stereo Mammoth! We discuss the band, our musical upbringings, drugs, violence and we get a couple of stories from the menace to society that is Eldon's childhood friend.

Stick around until the end of the episode to hear Stereo Mammoth's new song "EgoDeath" And as always, be sure to check out for all things MillSuck!

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