Millennials Suck!

S3:E13.1 Patrick Seta

September 09, 2022 J Lee Campbell, Dillon Foreman and Dylan Hall ft. Patrick Seta Season 3 Episode 28
Millennials Suck!
S3:E13.1 Patrick Seta
Show Notes

**The Millennials Suck! Podcast contains explicit content and dark themes. Listener discretion advised**

"What do you mean 'dark themes?'" you might ask...
"Like... Mountain Cults?'"
Yes, exactly like mountain cults. 

Speaking of which, this week's guest hails from the visual art world as Dark Mountain Cult, aka Patrick Seta! Patrick is a musician, podcaster and INCREDIBLE visual artist, offering up amazing illustrations. We spent some quality time discussing creative projects, podcasting, crazy people and we get some WILD stories from Patrick's creative adventures.

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And check out Patrick's work!

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