Millennials Suck!

S3:E11 ATTN Deficit Squirrel

August 05, 2022 J Lee Campbell and Dillon Foreman ft. Jake Sperelakis and Ryan Hunt Season 3 Episode 24
Millennials Suck!
S3:E11 ATTN Deficit Squirrel
Show Notes

**The Millennials Suck! Podcast contains explicit content and dark themes. Listener discretion advised**

Hope you guys like some low end humor because this week, we're sitting down with the rhythm section (get it... low end?) of Cincinnati local pop punk trio, ATTN Deficit Squirrel who, according to drummer Jake Sperelakis, along with bassist Ryan Hunt, is the sound of the manliest 3-way in the city. We discuss their band, music in general, rap battles, ghost stories, aliens, religion and we get in deep with Jake and Ryan about... relationship advice? Sure, okay. 

Anyway, be sure to stick around until the end to check out ATTN Deficit Squirrel's single, Fine By Me, follow the band for more music and shows and as always, check out for all things MillSuck!

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