Millennials Suck!

S3:E8.2 Third Person Omega

July 08, 2022 J Lee Campbell, Dillon Foreman and Dylan Hall ft. Third Person Omega Season 3 Episode 20
Millennials Suck!
S3:E8.2 Third Person Omega
Show Notes

**The Millennials Suck! Podcast contains explicit content and dark themes. Listener discretion advised**

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! You've hardly aged a bit! So much so, it almost seems like you've LOST years! I swear, its like you've gone back in time... unfortunately...

Anyway, we hope you guys are ready because its about to get aggressively progressive with our dudes from the Cincinnati powerhouse band, Third Person Omega! We sat down with guitarist Eli and drummer Ian from this heavyweight force of sonic bludgeoning to discuss the band, music in general, cereal, gaming, combat and more! Hang out until the end of the episode to jam 3PO's newest single, Rainfell!

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